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'Wonderchef' is Chef Sanjeev Kapoor's company, which promotes to Indian Homemakers a unique range of cookware, kitchen tools and accessories carefully handpicked by Chef himself from the best companies in the world. We are an ever-growing Club of Enterprising Women and Men who market these products through Kitchen Shows which they conduct at homes of their friends and relatives. From the Master Chef Himself Aap sabko Sanjeev Kapoor ka pyar bhara namaskar... For years I have done my shows and written my books with one thought in mind--to empower the woman by enabling her to cook better, but apart from the recipe a very important element in cooking well is the quality of your kitchen, the cookware you use, the tools you have to enable you to cook tasty and healthy food more conveniently. In order to promote healthy yet tasty cooking, I am getting world’s finest cookware,bakeware and kitchen tools for you through Wonderchef. They have been handpicked by me to suit the needs of the Indian homemaker. They will be complemented by my recipes especially designed for healthy and tasty cooking. Enjoy these wonderful products and become a part of my growing Wonderchef club.

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