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We are here to create the most awesome Men’s grooming products. Let's be honest here, Indian men are the most underprivileged men in the world as far as grooming is concerned. Like nobody cares a chest's hair if we are meticulous about our appearance or not. What if us men wanted to look all tidy and spruced up as if we are just out of a spa? What if we want to take care of our facial skin as if it was the most prized possession we have? What if we want to smell oh-so-delicious? But, Indian men aren't supposed to be all this. They are expected to sweat, and smell like real men do. Well, not anymore. We are bringing the groomed men back. It's time to be full of ourselves. Gentlemen, let's preen up. After all, why should men get all the scum? We used experts in the field to arrive at what we should make and how. After rigorous testing of these products, we were ready with some really awesome products. So, the next logical step was to make them vailable to every Indian man at a reasonable price. Hence, we started home-delivering these products at the click of a mouse. Well, so here we are. Selling attractiveness.

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