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We know you cringe away from boring hotels and look for places that offer what you need. That’s where this nifty little app comes in handy! Rightstay by MakeMyTrip is an app that lets you rent unique places that offer a great, authentic experience at prices that fit your budget. Our goal is to connect travellers to local hosts and build a strong community that brings new experiences to travelers and helps hosts make a little extra money. Trust resides at the core of this community and that’s why we verify every guest, host and property. We believe that it is super important to find a place that matches your needs. Just another room wouldn’t do! Keeping this in mind, we’ve found people and places that’ll be more than happy to let your pug in or provide baby food supplies in the kitchen or for that matter even take you out for a trek in the hills nearby. Start exploring and see what we’ve got in store!

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