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In 2015, LeEco announced its arrival in the U.S. by opening offices in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles, bringing its “tri-city strategy” to fruition: Beijing for application and implementation; Silicon Valley for technology and innovation; and Los Angeles for media and entertainment. Additionally, LeEco is in the planning stages of its ambitious Super Electric Ecosystem (SEE) project, which has an R&D center in California. To date, LeEco has invested more than $100 million in the SEE project, creating hundreds of job opportunities in California. The LeMall team in India comprises highly experienced professionals who are passionate about the brand and who work tirelessly to deliver customer wow. As a visitor and registered user of LeMall, you will be privy to a load of information on new products, exclusive previews and of course special deals on our site to make your e-shopping on our site that much more fun and engaging. We intend to keep expanding our product portfolio even as we keep improving your LeMall experience.

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