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About HalfTicket TV

The Internet offers the greatest challenge in terms of watching what is available. With YouTube leading the way by uploading 100 hours of content every minute supported by several other players like Dailymotion, Internet Archive, Vimeo, Crackle, Internet Archive who do their own bit in adding to this mountain of content, we are today faced with the option of consuming more than 150 hours of video content per minute equal to 3600 hours of content per day or 108,000 hours per month or 12,96,000 hours of content per year. Translated to pure maths, this means it will take you 150 years to consume all the content that is put on the internet in 1 single year. Of course we don’t want to see everything in this world but definitely want to see what we “want to see”! Question is how do we discover that particular content without having to engage in search activities and be able to watch our favorite movies and shows just like we do on our TV sets at home. It is astonishing to see that the Internet has millions of legally available Free videos that are premium content like movies, TV shows, sporting events, documentaries, kid stuff etc. which we fail to discover due to the hugeness of the daily supply of videos that come.


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