How TopCashback Works | What is Cashback?

How TopCashback Works?

What is Cashback?

When shopping with one of the retailers listed on our website, we simply give you back a percentage of your final spend once your purchase is confirmed. This is real cash that you can withdraw to your bank account.


How Cashback Works?

Steps to earn Cashback on TopCashback?

Join TopCashback and search or browse for your favourite retailer

Earn cashback on your every purchase and withdraw cashback when it goes to payable state

How to withdraw cashback on TopCashback?

Withdrawing your cash back amount from TopCashback is really quite simple. After your cashback has gone to Payable status, you can transfer it directly to your bank account through NEFT or use your Paytm Wallet or Amazon Pay Balance Wallet. We give you extra 2% bonus cashback if you withdraw your money back using Amazon Pay Balance.

How to withdraw your cashback balance on TopCashback

How TopCashback is different from other Coupon/Cashback websites?

Even though you can find all the latest coupons and offers on TopCashback just as good as any other coupon/cashback website, the big difference is, we give you 100% of the commission that we receive from the retailers, unlike other cashback websites which keep a cut to themselves, thereby helping you make some added savings on top of your discount coupons or vouchers. However, the coupon websites keep that entire commission to themselves as website revenue.

Benefits of using TopCashback

1. Cashback websites, such as us, have over 500 merchants on our portal helping you get exposed to a surprising number of retailers probably you didn’t even know about providing you great offers on clothing, electronics, mobile phones, credit cards, furniture and many more.

2. You have access to a referral bonus, where you can refer a friend and earn up to Rs. 500 as cashback absolutely free. Check out our Tell-A-Friend Bonus deals here.

3. You can find multiple websites providing you with different cashback offers on the same product or catalogue, however, since we are the highest paying cashback site you’ll never have to worry about getting the best deal on a product if you are using TopCashback services.

4. There are some specific offers that give you 100% cashback, means you practically get the product for free! We, for instance have some such offers running around the year, so do come back and check for our Cashback Offers.

Some good to know things about Cashback and Cashback Websites

What is the difference between Discount and Cashback?

When a user shops for the product directly on the retailers’ portal, the upfront amount reduced by the merchant from the displayed price is called a discount. For example, if a person wants to buy a product worth Rs. 100 (marked price) and the discount is 20%, so essentially Rs. 20 is reduced directly from the product price and the customer can buy the product at Rs. 80.

Cashback is an indirect money back process where the amount gets credited to the user account after sometime when the purchase has been confirmed and the best part is cashback is valid over all direct discounts and offers. For example, if a person wants to buy the same product worth Rs. 100 with a 20% discount on it and additionally if there’s a cashback offer available of 10% on the product, even though the customer is paying Rs.80 up front, he/she will get 10% of that purchase amount back to her account as cashback thus buying the product at Rs.72 gradually. Hence, even though cashback takes a little more time compared to direct discounts, it is always better if you plan on maximizing your savings.

What are cashback websites and how do they work?

The websites that provides money-back offers which you can use to avail great discounts over the marked price on the retailers (we call them merchants) website are called cashback websites. It is an affiliate business model where we, a cashback website sit in between the consumer and the retailer providing money back to the end user that is you. So, how we do it is, we direct you to their portal with our exclusive offers and once the payment is made we receive a commission for that which we give back to you as cashback once the purchase is confirmed. There are several other websites giving the same service but we, TopCashback being India’s highest paying cashback site promise to provide you with 100% and even more cashback without any hidden charges.

To find out more about our services compared to our main competitor in the Indian market check-out our cashback comparison: Cashkaro Vs TopCashback

So, now if you are wondering how we generate revenue – we provide advertisement placements and other services for merchants on our website from which we earn and even some part of it we give out to our users hence giving you more than 100% cashback for some instances.

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What offers can I get?

You can get cashback offers on almost all categories that you can think of ranging from clothing, appliances, furniture to travel deals, home & kitchen and food deals, finance and many others with special emphasis on the following:

Cashback on Fashion and Electronics: TopCashback has all the top e-commerce companies working with us where you can get cashback on Amazon, Flipkart, and Myntra and can find all kinds of products in fashion and accessories in both menswear and womenswear starting from formal and western apparel to ethnic providing the top coupon and voucher deals. Electronics offers includes everything from large/small appliances to mobile phones and computer peripherals.

Cashback on Recharge: We have a huge array of recharge merchants with us, where you can find recharge offers and deals on all major service provider companies in India like Airtel, Vodafone, Telenor and many more. Cashback on Paytm and Mobikwik are also available where users can recharge their mobile phones and also pay bill for several other services.

Cashback on Travel: This is one of the lesser known sections that has become immensely popular recently owing to some big companies like Cleartrip, Yatra, and Musafir offering great discounts and offers on flights, hotels and holiday packages. We do have all the top offers on all the major travel merchants on our website, so just sit cool on a chair and check out our travel deals to find the best prices for your vacation or travel expenses. You can also check out this awesome article if you are planning to take a break this coming weekend and enjoy some time outdoors.

Awesome! So how do I start earning?

We all know that every rupee saved is a rupee earned and both processes are quite complex, however, earning from cashback is rather simple actually. It’s really extremely easy and all you have to do is follow these simple steps

1. We are a “free to join, free to use and will always remain so” website – so register with us for free to become a member.

2. After joining you’ll find thousands of offers and vouchers right on the homepage including our trending and hot merchant lists. You can also go to the search bar and search for merchants like Shopclues,, Pepperfry, MakemyTrip and many, many more from the massive list of over 500 merchants that we have on board with us and visit their offer page.

3. Now when you click on the “Get Cashback” button or for a coupon code “Get Cashback & Code”, you’ll be directed to the merchant website where you simply shop as normal. Don’t worry about your cashback, we’ll do all the backend tracking and complex tech stuff and will add it to your account earning page within seven days.

4. Once your amount goes in to the payable state, you can select any of the pay-out methods like transfer it to your bank account via NEFT or alternatively you can also use our wallet pay-out options like Amazon Pay Balance or Paytm.

Some Frequently Answered Questions

Do you have the highest offers?

TopCashback boasts of being the highest paying cashback and coupons site and believe it when we say that – we’re damn good at it! You’ll find the top offers on our website and the best part is even if you ever find an offer higher than us on any other website, all you have to do is just let us know by lodging a “Highest Cashback Guarantee” claim and we’ll match up to that and give you the same amount or percentage.

I’m a busy traveller, do you have an app?

Ah yes! We have our own TopCashback App for Android (iOS coming soon) which you can download from Google Play. It has all the functionalities and offers that you see on our website.

Why was my Cashback not tracked?

Even though transaction is tracked almost instantly, frankly there are times when it might not work that perfectly because either of the cookie settings on your computer or problems on the merchants’ end. But don’t worry, this is extremely rare and just make sure to keep your cookies enabled and it should track just fine. Also please make sure to use our voucher codes only while making a purchase using our coupons. It may take up to seven or ten days for tracking at times and after than if it still doesn’t track, just lodge a “Missing Cashback Claim” and we’ll take care of it.

I have some more questions, where can I contact?

We have a detailed Help & FAQ section which covers almost all the queries regarding transaction, tracking, claims and membership. If you still have some other questions please contact our support staff by submitting an “Enquiry Ticket” and we’ll be happy to help you in sorting out the issues.