Top Weekend Getaways in India

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Top Weekend Getaways in India

Top Weekend Getaways in India

Top weekend getaways in India

Weekends in a new city can be quite boring if you’ve moved there recently for work or studying. So if you are thinking of doing something cool this weekend and you live in one of the top cities in India, like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore or Chennai, try visiting one of these pocket-friendly beautiful destinations near you for spending a wonderful time. TopCashback has the best travel coupons available so do not forget to check them out if you wish to save more on your tour expenses.

Top Weekend Getaway from Delhi: Mussoorie

Delhi, the present capital of India is one of the Heritage cities in the world and has been the capital since the Mughal period and even before that for hundreds of years. However, the location of Delhi is also a doorway to some of the most visited travel destinations in India such as, Kashmir, Ladakh, Agra, Jaipur and the picturesque entire Himachal with the best weekend getaway being Mussoorie, Uttarakhand.

Top weekend destination from Delhi

Mussoorie, also known as “Queen of Hill Stations” has been a popular retreat since the British Raj for the English officials from Delhi and Kolkata. Situated at an altitude of around 2000 m it is about 280 KMs from the country capital which is only about a 5 hour drive from the chaos and pollution of the city is a true reminisce of the colonial era architecture. It offers a magnificent view of the majestic snow cladded Himalayas to the North-East, a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Doon Valley and the green hills of Shiwaliks. Additionally with its rich variety of flora and fauna and its enjoyable coolness during the scorching Indian summer it’s one of the best destinations for a short trip. It is also a popular spot for backpackers, hitchhikers and at the same time, an amazing honeymoon destination. Expect freezing cold and snow if you are planning to visit in winter so do not forget to take your winter garments accordingly.

Places to see: Lal Tibba (Highest Point) is a 5 Km uphill hitchhike from the town, Kempty Falls which is a very popular destination amongst photographers, Lake Mist, Dhanaulti Forest Parks, Tibetan Buddhist Temple, Jharipani Falls and many more.

How to reach: In order to reach Mussoorie one must reach Dehradun first, the nearest major town which is extremely well connected to Delhi consisting of an airport, bus terminus and railway station. So all you have to do is to reach Dehradun first and then take a taxi from there to reach the destination which is only 30 kms.

Accommodation + Sightseeing Cost: Rs.4000 – Rs.9000 (Approximately without travel)

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Top Weekend Getaway from Mumbai: Lonavla

Mumbai, also known as the Commercial and Fashion Capital in India is one the Alpha cities of the world. It is also the largest, most populous and the richest city in India which has over a million immigrants coming to the city every year. It is known for the huge Bollywood industry, amazing night life, beautiful beaches within the city and the super busy life of the Mumbai-kars. It is also a gateway to some wonderful travel destinations such as Kolad, Aurangabad, Lonavla-Khandala, the beautiful Konkan districts, Matheran, etc. However, our choice for the best weekend trip from Mumbai is Lonavla.

Top weekend destination from Mumbai

Lonavla is a beautiful hill station situated in the district of Pune, Maharashtra and is about 90 KMs away from the fashion capital of India. It is a picturesque hill station which is located in the Shayadri Range, cutting in between Deccan Plateau and the Konkan Coastline. It is known for the beautiful green hills and the valley and got its name from the Sanskrit word “Lonavali” which means “Group of Caves” due to the number of caves in this area. Owing to the lush green valleys, woody meadows and fantastic waterfalls it’s also a popular destination for shooting. Due to its popularity as a tourist destinations there are number of hotels and resorts that offers excellent value for money packages and the best part being it can be visited anytime for the weather being extremely pleasant year-round.

Places to see: The Karla Caves, a two millennia old complex of cave shrines that were built by the Buddhist monks, which is the primary reason behind the Lonavla name. Apart from it, there’s Rajmachi Point, which gives a spectacular view of the Shivaji Fort and the Tiger Leap giving a bird’s eye view of the entire valley. The naturally beautiful Lonavla Lake and the Bushy Dam are also quite popular destinations amongst backpackers.

How to reach: Lonavla is well connected to both Mumbai, which is about 100 KMs and Pune, about 64 Kms away by Mumbai-Pune Express Highway which offers a very smooth experience for the road travellers. There is a station at Lonavla where all the trains from Mumbai and Pune to and from the Konkan regions halt. The nearest airports are in Pune and Mumbai.

Accommodation + Sightseeing Cost: Rs. 2000 – Rs.4000 (Approximately without travel)

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Top Weekend Getaway from Kolkata: Sundarbans

The Cultural Capital of India, Kolkata is also another heritage city which was founded by the British in the 16th century and has served as the main capital of India during the colonial era of British Raj. Known for its sweets, street food, movies, literature and culture Kolkata is the gateway to the spectacular Himalayan regions of the North-East and the beautiful beaches in the southern parts of West Bengal. The most popular and thrilling getaway from Kolkata is the land of the Royal Bengal Tigers, Sundarbans.

Top weekend destination from Kolkata

The Sundarban Reserve Forest is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the largest mangrove jungle in the world shared by both India and Bangladesh with the Indian part being situated in the southernmost coastal zone of West Bengal. The Indian part, known as Sundarban National Park is a swampy marshy land which consists of thousands of water canals and creeks going through this great jungle of the Gangetic plain. The cruise trips on the huge distributaries of Ganga gives a magnificent view of the forest and is extremely thrilling owing to the occasional spotting of large salt water crocodiles and bull sharks in the estuaries. The place gets its name from “Sundari” Trees which grows in abundance in the area. Apart from the cruise ride, there are many resorts and jungle camps near Godkhali and Pakhirala villages which houses tourists and backpackers both. Overnight stay on the boat is possible and the swamp lands, the dark jungle and creeks will surely entertain any thrill seeking visitor. The best time of visiting Sundarbans is during the winter and monsoon season.

Places to see: There are couple of must see watch towers with the most notable being Neti Dhopani Watch Tower where it is possible to spot the mighty Bengal Tiger and the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower which gives an panoramic view of the island. Apart from that the Bhagabatpur Crocodile Park offers a nice view of the large saltwater crocodiles. Tourists can also engage in local fish or crab catching expedition on a local boat and sail around the villages, although it’s not allowed inside the reserve forest.

How to reach: Sundarban is connected to Kolkata by two highways, namely, Basanti Highway and Canning. Tourists have to reach Namkhana or Godkhali and then take the boat to cross the river to enter Sundarban region. It’s about 100 kms from Kolkata depending on which point one is using to enter the area. The nearest railway station is Canning from where tourists have to take the roadway to reach Godkhali. The Kolkata International Airport is the closest airport which is well connected to both domestic and international cities.

Accommodation + Sightseeing Cost: Rs.2000 – Rs.5000 (Approximately without travel)

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Top Weekend Getaway from Bengaluru: Coorg

Bengaluru, the IT hub of the country is one of the most populated cities in India. Also known as the Silicon Valley of India it has the largest Information Technology industry in country. Owing to the job prospects and having a great number of good educational institutes, the city gets thousands of immigrants from other parts of country and even abroad every year. The location of Bangalore is extremely favourable to some of the most beautiful destinations in the south like Ooty, Coonoor, Wayanad, Coorg, Chikmagalur owing to the beautiful green mountain ranges like Nilgiri and Western Ghats. Centres for heritage and culture like Mysore and Hampi are also amazing destinations for any tourist.

Top weekend destination from Bengaluru

Coorg, also known as Kodagu is our top favourite weekend trip destination from the hi-tech city of Bengaluru. It is about 260 kms from the state capital and is said to be one of the best destinations for a nature lover in India due to its picturesque landscapes, coffee plantations and the villages in the nook and corner of the mountain range which attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is a paradise for trekkers and mountain bikers with some great trekking points such as Thadiyandamol, Pushpageri and White Rafting facilities at Barapole River offers a very thrilling experience with its white water rapids. Tourists can also shop for spices and coffee which are grown in the area and can avail the wonderful spa services amongst the numerous ones located in Kushalnagar. There are a lot of lodging options at Kodagu ranging from resorts to homestays depending on the budget of the visitor and a wonderful hospitality is offered by the localities. It is called the “Scotland of India”.

Places to see: Madikeri Fort is a 19th century structure is located in Madikeri, the capital of the Coorg district which consists of a Ganesha Temple, prison, museum and a chapel. The Abbey Falls is also a popular tourist destination for the visitors owing to its beautiful location amidst the coffee and cardamom plantations which leads all the way to the falls. It is also famous for bird watching, hence carrying binoculars or camera is highly recommended. Another popular destination amongst trekkers is the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary where one can experience the wilderness of the Western Ghats which is the home to wild animals like elephants, jungle cats and deers. Nagarahole Wildlife Santuary and the sacred Iruppu Falls are also popular destinations amongst tourists.

How to reach: Kodagu is directly connected via road from Bengaluru and other cities like Mysore and Mangalore. The closest railway stations are located at Mysore and Managlore which are about 100 Kms away and the tourists have to avail cab services to reach Coorg upon arriving at the railway station. The closest airport is at Managlore with the International airport located at Bengaluru.

Accommodation + Sightseeing Cost: Rs.3000 – Rs. 7000 (Approximately without travel)

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Top Weekend Getaway from Chennai: Mahabalipuram

The Health Capital of India, Chennai is the home to several world class hospitals and medical institutes and is one of the largest cultural and economic hub of the southern part of India. Previously known as Madras it is an ancient and still continues to be a hub for literature, art and education in South India. It is a coastal city situated on the bank of the Bay of Bengal and offers several amazing destinations ranging from hill stations like Kolli Hills to popular coastal regions like Pondicherry. Legendary historical places like Chidambaram and the Holi sites like Tirupati and Rameshwaram are also amazing destination for a weekend getaway. However, our favourite choice for a weekend trip from Chennai is Mahabalipuram.

Top weekend destination from Chennai

Situated at a distance of only 52 KMs from Chennai, Mahabalipuram, presently known as Mamallapuram is a historical site that dates back over a thousand year. It is listed as a World Heritage Site owing to the ancient Dravidian architectures dating back to the 7th century. The major attractions includes the amazing ancient artwork on the walls of the buildings and is an absolute treat to the travellers with an interest in history or photography. The Shore Temple is the most popular spot in Mahabalipuram and has been listed as a heritage project site. Situated on the shores of the sea, it’s a beautiful ancient monument with spectacular wall carving which surely is a feast to the eye of the tourists. Getting around the town is easy either on foot or rented bike since it’s a small town and the interesting points are fairly close to each other. It is also possible to do short biking or trekking trips nearby. Visitors can enjoy their time on the beach and adventure lovers can take a boat ride or a fishing trip or surf at the sea. Due the popularity as a tourist hotspot there are number of hotels ranging from budget hotels to premium ones.

Places to see: There are a number of exquisite places to see in the town like the legendary Shore Temple which is about 1400 years old and is one the oldest historical sites in India. Apart from that Five Rathas, which has amazing rock carvings also dating from the 7th century is a treat to the tourists. Arjuna’s Penance which has detailed carvings of a family of elephants and the Mahishamardini and Varaha Caves also offer an amazing rock carved artwork experience. The sculpture Museum, Thirukadalmallai and the old and new light houses are also beautiful sites.

How to reach: Mahabalipurm is fairly close to the Chennai metropolitan city and is extremely well connected by the East Coast Road which offers a wonderful 1 hour journey to the visitors and is right beside the Bay of Bengal coastline. The nearest railway station and airport are also located in Chennai.

Accommodation + Sightseeing Cost: Rs.2000 – Rs. 5000 (Approximately without travel)

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