Tips to Stay Healthy - Like a Boss!!!

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We’ve all subscribed to a gym membership at least once in our lifetime. Bought a cute new workout outfit and paired it with perfect new shiny shoes. But that’s the end of it, the clothes are shoved to the deepest corner of the wardrobe. The membership card would eventually be tossed out, never to see the light of day.

Let’s not forgbottleet the fad diets, from paleo to cabbage soup, we’ve seemed to try it all. I’ve stocked my fridge for a paleo diet often just to give it up after a day or two. But as adulthood slowly creeps into your very being, you start taking things seriously, and health becomes paramount. Laziness, especially the one that comes with all the adulting, is hard to shake off. That’s why we have come up with an ingenious solution.

So from one sloth to another, here are some tips to stay healthy, live long and prosper.

1. Hydrate

An adult is recommended to drink an average of 11 to 15 glasses of water every day. But we would rather see 15 episodes of our favorite series. The best way to get that many glasses of water is to make a game out of it. I’m sure you’ve already played this game a few times. It’s the good old, take a shot game, where one swigs down their choice beverage every time an agreed-upon word is spoken.

The same rules apply here, but the drink would be water. So set a word that’s neither rare (don’t wanna die because nobody was literate enough to use “pugnacious”) nor common (don't wanna waste the whole day in the washroom coz someone was dumb enough to choose "the").

Grab a bottle and stay hydrated.

2. Moderation is key!!!

Nobody can say no to a pillowy sugary doughnut. Sugar was most definitely made in hell and sent back to earth to torment us puny humans. Don’t roll your eyes, I’m not asking you to go cold turkey on sugar (I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy either). All you gotta do is lower the quantity.

You have a craving for some doughnuts, buy one eat half, and save the other for dinner. Love chocolate bars? Get the minis instead. This way, you’re not only reducing the sugar intake, but you’re also reducing your expenditure. Also, carry a baggie of dark chocolate. The treat will help keep you focused.

 Stay perky with these minis.

3. Killer playlist

“Music is what tells us that the human race is greater than we realize.”
― Napoleon Bonaparte

Who doesn’t like music? It’s the soul of every party. Every event, be it life or death, is heralded with music. Artists have been expressing their grief, joy, and other emotions through music for eons. The welfare of my headphones is way more important than the wellbeing of my siblings (especially when they borrow the said device).

That being said, the main component is finding your jam.  Armed with a kickass playlist, one can defeat any demon. So even before you plan your exercise routine, get yourself a dance-worthy playlist.

Put dem headphones on and get grooving.

 4. Make an Investment

As a kid, my mum always yelled at me for buying lavish things. I used to brag about my expensive taste but my 9-5 job beat that habit right out of my system. Now I have to submit a proposal to the committee(me), convince the board(me), check with the finance head(me) if the commodity is under the budget, and then buy it. Most often than not, the product would be found rotting in my wishlist or cart. But once I buy something, I make sure to abuse every last penny out of it.

Supposing this is a well-known epidemic in every adult’s life, your best bet is to buy something expensive but useful. The finest thing one could invest in is an activity tracker or a fitness band. The device will note down your calorie count, your heart rate, and sometimes even your sleep cycle. This band will regularly remind you to stay active and healthy.

Here are a few awesome and budget-friendly fitnesss bands - Mi Smart Band and Honor Band 5

5. Where art thou Romeo?

People spend years to decide if their partners are worthy before proposing. They go through several rotten apples before they find the right one. The same principle can be applied to exercise and other activities.

Some take decades to find true love, so be patient and systematically go through the list till you find your true love. From yoga to rock climbing, make sure to try everything before giving up and settling in with 50 cats. You could try this out with your diet as well. Just like how you ditch them, toxic peeps, throw out the harmful foods and substitute with healthy alternatives.

6. Dance

Now that we’ve got a killer playlist, it's best to show off some of your badass moves. According to research, you lose about 180-200 calories from 30mins of dancing. So what are you waiting for? Put on your dancing shoes and bust out them moves.

You can always get yourself a dance partner and have a standoff. But don’t forget to issue a notice to your downstairs neighbors. We wouldn’t want you getting kicked out (Although the hobo situation may result in some weight loss).

7. Get a Pet

Well, before we start, let me make it clear. Although the heading says pet, I’m talking about DOGS. Yes!!! The best kind of pets. Honest to god, there’s nothing as fulfilling as adopting a dog. One look into their deep soulful eyes and you’re done for life. Your parents don’t approve? Just drop a pup on their lap, from that minute onwards, they would be best buds. These babies will compel you to stay active and on the move.

Whose a Good boy? Get him a Chew Toy

8. Superfood

It’s a Bird…….. It’s a Plane……..It’s Superman!!!

Superfoods will also have you guessing in the same way. It’s so delicious that you would seriously doubt its nutritional value (trust me, they’re off the charts).

The advancement of food science has allowed the discovery of Superfoods. That’s not all, several corporations have combined these superfoods to make delicious snacks. These munchies are the bomb, they’re surprisingly delicious. They also nourish your body with all the necessary nutrients and vitamins.

A snack for the snacc!!!!!

9. Rewards

The only way my mum could ever get me to do something unsavory was by bribing me with the good stuff (books, lots of them). Every action we humans do is with an intent to gain something. Similarly, when you have succeeded in doing something hard or unachievable, you have to make it a point to treat yourself. This is the most integral part of the challenges. Now instead of grumbling, you can look forward to the reward.

10. Beauty Sleep

A common misconception states that lazyish people sleep for a longer time. But I believe that lazy people get the least amount of sleep. We are experts at pushing things to the last minute. The same principle is used for sleeping. We keep pushing it until the very last second till our body shuts down.

But I’ve learned my lesson, and I advise you to do the same. Trust me with a minimum of 7 hours of sleep, your body will feel relaxed and ready to take on the grueling tasks. Take that beauty sleep and feel carefree for the remainder of the day. Hurry! and get these sleep accessories

Get moving and grab the bull by its horns. Make this year the best ever !!!










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