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The stars and planets in the universe have always inspired a sense of wonder! At Astrospeak, we strive to unravel this sense of wonder and mystery by bringing you all information related to Astrology, Numerology, Tarot and Vastu, and much more. Astrology We source sound and accurate information on Sun Signs, and Moon Signs, planetary movements, relative positions of the celestial bodies – their influence on humans etc. from renowned astrologers across the country. Numerology We understand that Numerology is the delicate branch of knowledge that deals with occult significance of numbers. Our renowned numerologists help our readers decipher the meaning behind their date of birth, unravelling the symbolism of their number, determining their personality traits, strengths and weaknesses etc. Tarot We at Astrospeak take every aspect of divination seriously and seek to demystify the same for our readers. Tarot cards help provide answers to your life. We have many leading Tarot card specialists on board who have studied this subtle branch of divination in detail. Vastu We realise that the orientation of the house can lead to better living, bring peace, joy and prosperity to the homeowner. Popularly known as the science of construction and architecture, this branch of science can help you understand many hidden aspects of your life. We have renowned Vastu masters on board who have helped solve many Vastu-related issues and provided relief customers through this science.

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