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About Aermed

Introducing Aermed - the most reliable online pharmacy in Delhi-NCR. If you or someone you know buys medicines regularly and is stressed with both the rising cost of prescription drugs and the inconvenience of buying them every month, try Aermed online pharmacy- a one-stop online medical store that offers the best discounts on genuine medicines, with the most reliable and convenient home delivery service. Whether you're looking for prescription drugs such as Telma, Glycomet, Storvas, Galvus, Cardivas and Deplatt, or over-the-counter (OTC) medicines such as Becosules, Neurobion, A to Z, Isabgol, Uprise and other multivitamin supplements, or Ayurvedic medicines such as BGR-34, IME 9, Kayam Churna, Nityam and Liv-52, or even medical/surgical equipment such as Accu-Chek or One Touch glucometer devices and strips, blood pressure monitors, bandages and swabs - Aermed is the only online pharmacy and medical store you need to go to. Whatever medicines are prescribed to you by your doctor, no need to go to a chemist and wait in line for expensive medicines - at Aermed online pharmacy, get the best discounts, and guaranteed next-day home delivery. Ordering medicines with Aermed online pharmacy is very simple - you can place your orders through our website or our Android application, or call or Whatsapp message us on our hotline number 99-583-88000. You can list your medicines in a message, choose the names of your drugs from a list or simply just send us a photo of your prescriptions. Ordering is simple and quick. For prescription drugs, we require a photo/copy of your prescription to fulfill your order, but you can buy OTC/Ayurvedic/non-prescription drugs without a prescription from your doctor. We also offer lab testing services with free home-pickup. You can book a test with India's best certified and accredited laboratories, and get your routine blood test done from the convenience of your home, again at the best-in-class discounted prices.


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